Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Portland, Oregon...

Tonight is SAHG's last appearance on Celtic Frost's "Monotheist" tour in North America. It is incredibly hard to see them go. Not only do we consider them very good friends of ours, but it has been an honor and a true pleasure to be on the road with them.

And tomorrow, in San Francisco, 1349 will play their scheduled last show as our special guests. It is difficult to imagine not seeing them every day anymore. The friendship between 1349 and Celtic Frost is deep and very unique, and we will miss them much. If circumstances permit, we will invite Ravn, 1349's singer, to perform "The Usurper" with us onstage to commemorate the occasion. We tried it today during the soundcheck, and it was fantastic.

We all can't believe a third of this long tour has already passed. We crossed the North American continent together and entered Canada twice. And then some. But all three groups have worked together very well and very professionally, and that has made it possible to enjoy what really is an ambitious and often hard schedule.